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dashingdraiks said —
❝ just a heads up: if a slur isn't rly yours to reclaim, you should censor it when it's written ❞

Yup!  To add on to this, Allies should be wary when using terms, but much of the time they can help reclaim the slur.  This does not extend to white people and the n-word.  Dear white people, please do not use the n-word.  No.  Bad.

Anonymous said —
❝ Ridiculously perfect human being. I wish way more people were even half as nice and awesome as you. The world would suck infinity less. ❞

There are SO MANY reasons why I object to being called perfect, the least of which being that it’s just a fact that nobody is perfect, especially me. 

I’m very selective about how I present myself on the internet, since it’s there forever and so many of you read and are influenced by what I post.  I don’t lie about who I am, I just choose to present my good sides, and I force myself to step away from the computer when I’m having a bad day and I know I’ll respond to something in a way I wish I wouldn’t have later.

That said, if more people could filter themselves as successfully as I do, the world would indeed suck way less.  Being nice on the internet is an exercise in patience sometimes, and I’ve found that said patience carries over into real life the more I practice it.  More people should try the whole “being nice instead” thing.

Bottom line: To you, darning-socks may be prefect, but please know that Riy sure as hell isn’t.


Anonymous said —
❝ Hey, Riy, so my cousin and brother were arguing with me over whether 'gay' and 'retarded' is an insult or not. I said it isn't, but they insisted that it was, and it got me really angry at them, and I was just wondering what you think I should say. Obviously my arguments were valid, but they wouldn't listen. I just know that your thoughts are similar to mine, and it'd be nice to hear someone who agrees with me. Thanks, and sorry for ranting! >_< ❞

"Gay" and "retarded" are not insults, but they are commonly used as such and this is highly offensive to queer people and mentally handicapped people.  Same goes for using words like "queer" and "fag" and "cripple".  "Retarded" isn’t even an accurate description of any kind of mental disability, and shouldn’t be applied to people in general.

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Anonymous said —
❝ but can we talk about how you are the most perfect human being on this earth ❞

FALSE why do you guys keep saying„„ things like this„„„,

How do I,
Get through one night without you?
If I had to live without you,
What kind of life would that be?

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[ the artist should really learn to stop trying to make comics after getting home from work ]

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Wow, it could at least give me a little warning, jeez!!

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Anonymous said —
❝ In the lesbian comic (one about the two workers) is the character with short hair a girl or a guy? I couldn't tell! ❞

1) The character is me, as is the character in most of my comics.  My comics are pretty much all autobiographical.  I identify as female.

2) If you want to see the character as male or female or anywhere in between or around or above said gender binary, great!! Follow your dreams. In all art, interpretation is ultimately up to the viewer and, subsequently, the gender of the character is whatever you want it to be.

I’m back home and finally reunited with my tablet wife and my laptop husband and my own bed and it’s fucking beautiful

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