Darning Socks

It’s nice to be able to come home for spring break.

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Happy 4/13, everyone!  I know I’ve been having a rough week art-wise, but I think my art block is mostly gone by now and I can go back to making good comics tomorrow.  Caliborn decided to take over today’s though, sorry.

All the pictures except for for first panel is shamelessly ripped from Homestuck Homosuck, which belongs to Andrew Hussie.

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The wildlife begins to reclaim the basement when nobody goes down there for a while.

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Finally got around to making one yo


The Story of Art Block and the Subsequent Fluctuation of Style and Quality: a comic

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ichigoeki said —
❝ WHen I saw your post of that 100th comic I got really worried. Are you going to stop making these once the year ends? D= ❞

I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately!  My original plan was to end this blog on January 1st, 2015 and just leave it up as an archive of my year and the comics I made, but now I’ve discovered I actually really like doing these comics and you guys seem to enjoy them too, so I don’t want to stop!

At the same time, I don’t think that maintaining daily comics all the way through my senior year while I worry about getting ready for college is feasible.  I think the conclusion that I’ve reached is that I’ll slow my uploads to once a week, and then I’ll be able to make sure I’m only releasing quality comics, and I can stock up a queue more easily on a weekly schedule, which will give me a break on school-heavy weeks and will prevent long periods of art-blocked comics (like I’ve been making lately TTvTT;).

Until next January, though, I’ll still be doing daily comics!  After that, we’ll see where 2015 will take me :)

*double pistols and a wink* right back atcha, school

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