Darning Socks
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❝ Hi, I was wondering if I could use your comic on sexual preference not determining whether or not you could judge someone's aesthetic for my schools GSA? I'd give you full credit and since it'd be printed out I'd write down the link to your tumblr. If you want I can send you a picture of the thing printed out with your name and everything on it. I just really want to raise awareness on that issue ❞

Absolutely! Just make sure you write a link, no need to send me a picture unless you want to :) I’m glad you think the comic is good enough for that!

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❝ I see you're in GSA. I don't suppose you travel to a True Colors convention sometime around March do you? ❞

Nope, sorry.  I don’t have the funds/time to do conventions or really travel at all, but I wish I did!  Maybe in a few years :)

Spot the difference.

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❝ hey is it cool if I start a daily comic drawing thing inspired by your comics? ❞

YES!!! and send me a link so i can read them!!

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❝ i love how you draw feet they're all so cute and this sounds creepy as heck but i am actually just very self conscious about my own, ugly feet so i live vicariously through the adorable ones you draw this is weird i'm sorry but also thank you for all the cute feet drawings ❞

thank you so much!  i am also living vicariously through my feet drawings though omg

my feet are super long and skinny

my feet inspirations are mcsiggy and cathysbrotherssister hhh their feet drawings are perf